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"Choose our Pampered Women's Package to help you get the car you really want!" Not the one they'll try to sell you at the dealership, where they make the most money! Go with an Auto Consulting Business that Helps you Buy the Car You Want... Go with Car Buyer's Etcetera!
Hii, My name is Teresa Winfrey, Account Executive with Car Buyer's Etcetera, Certified Representative A Top Notched Company to help you stay on the road, while buying your car the right way! The best way to buy your car is with having professionals who knows what they are doing! Car Buyer's Etcetera, Inc; does just that! Call me at our office, and give our services a try! Car Buyer's Etcetera will give towards your purchase, $150.00 to anyone who purchases our Pampered Women's Package or Executive Package.