"What The Car Salesman Won't Tell You...!" (Down Load Version)

Dealerships send their Salespeople to Expensive Teaching Seminars, designed and taught by High Paid Professionals, showing them; not how to sell cars, but rather, "how to make as much money on you, the Consumer, as they can, before YOU leave the dealership! It's no wonder msany consumers are at a Big Dis-advantage the minute they walk into the Dealership! "Who's teaching you?" Get the Car Buyer's Etcetera Advantage; because, what you don't know can and will hurt you in the finance office. Our Auto Buyer's Guide, "What the Car Salesman Won't Tell You~We Will was designed to keep this from happening to you!" That's right, when you purchase and download our Auto Buyer's Guide onto your Smartphone, we'll know you instantly; and start forming a relationship with your situation; immediately by your purchase order,and we will contact you, providing you with your own "Live Personal Car Buying Consultant, for on the day you go to buy!" Just place in the "special instruction box", your Estimated Time to Buy, and don't worry, (if your date changes, we'll change to accommodate your schedule, too). We'll be at your disposal for the time you're doing your deal; Nationwide, via phone, because we even include an 800# inside the guide, just to give you access to us, so you don't get hung up in the buying process! "No dealership can do this!", to keep you from paying too much! It's a must Take-a-Long Guide, on your phone, packed with valuable information, of the "Exact Techniques" which the dealership's salespeople use on you, everyday; Nationwide! Find out why the dealerships don't want you to know what's inside this guide; also, why and how THEY KEEP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU! Learn "Precised Instructions" on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do when in the finance office! "Keep the Advantage," and see "Why You Should Never Give Up Certain Leverages; and,answering certain questions" in the buying process! A must have for Female Consumers! One Quick Download, and we'll give you the Dealership's Playbook at your fingertips, so you can know what to do, before entering the finance office! "Simplified Car Buying, because, "It's Time You Stop the Cycle of Buying Cars the Wrong Way!" At Car Buyer's Etcetera, we believe, "PAYING TOO MUCH, Isn't CONSIDERED~OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT! This product is a "non-refundable download", which we know you'll enjoy having on your Smart phone!

  • ISBN: 978-0-615-37332-4
A Complete Auto Buyer's Guide for Women; A Better Way for Car Buying!
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