"IT SELLS EASY" ( Seller's package")

NEW SERVICE!! If you're in the market for getting rid of your vehicle before a repo' takes place, or just wanting to sell it outright because dealerships won't give you anything close to what you're asking for,or; for what its' worth,(even though they'll sell it for up to 3 times the amount they'll give you?). Want to sell it faster, but don't have the time and/or patience to sift through scores of people (you don't know; coming by your home),not knowing if they're serious buyers? Then your in the right place, and on the right service! Our New Service Package "It Sells Easy!" A Package designed to put you and the Qualified Buyer together for as little or No Cost to you, in the end! Simplified Selling of your vehicle, and the best thing is; you never have to wait on risky people who may not be serious, at your home, holding up your time on nice weekends! Get the "It Sells Easy Package!" Where we'll not only find you a perspective buyer, but we'll make sure they are capable of purchasing your car! Find out why we are the Nation's #1 Auto Buying/Selling Consulting Business in today's market! Note: *Car Buyer's Etcetera is not a broker/dealer or dealership*, and our main goal is that, we are merely finding you a serious perspective buyer for you to negotiate the sale of your vehicle. A Buyer, who is Serious, and Interested in Purchasing Your Car!
"IT SELLS EASY" ( Seller's package")
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  • Item #: 01-1020-22/12
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