"Special Executive Transportation Services"

Our clients are important to us. We understand their busy schedule, and we're always striving to make our services better and more cost effective to meet their daily schedules and demands. Call and set up your appointment 48 hrs in advance, we'll make sure a car picks you up, and that a qualified consultant is there for you at the dealership. If we can't get you approved, you'll be refunded the full price of the transportation. Some Restrictions apply! Discounted transportation base cost provided where applicable in most areas we service. Go ahead; you've got absolutely nothing to lose, unless you buy your car the wrong way, which can cost you plenty! Note: Car Buyer's Etcetera assumes no liability thru services provided by outside vendors of any service(s), and/or for any mechanical issues with any other party's equipment or services which may cause you a delay or comfort concern. This is a courtesy offered to all Executives or those with an Elite Status, and we will do everything within our power to help make your transit in any city, a good one. This is a non-refundable service.
"Special Executive Transportation Services"
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