"Diamond Care Service"

From our "Suggestion Box" from many Clients, for multi car consulting services, we're Implementing our Newest Product! Our "Diamond Customer Care Service Package!" Including; Our Packages of Executive or Pampered Woman's Package, our Concierge Package, and our "Speak to An Expert" Service; all for one low price when you bundle them all. And when it's over, our Male clients get a night out to "Any Restaurant" he chooses with a Complimentary Tab on us for $100.00. Our Female clients recieving a $100.00 (Spa Treatment, Hair or 2 Nail Appointments; A Value Package) from any Salon, or Spa of their choice! This service is for Couples buying 2 or more cars; or, up to 4 persons on the same business invoice,in the same family or a combination of the services listed for any non family members, on the same service invoice, all serviced at the same time. Great for a group of people of four! That means, you get to split the fee amoungst 4 indivisuals, and reap a big savings of hundreds, off our reqularly priced items, with compliments;(see indivisual items for details, and savings). Administration fees will still apply (per person) on one;(1) single invoice. This service is non-refundable.Take advantage of this Diammond Care Package Group Benefit Now!
"Diamond Care Service"
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Price $875.00