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Phone Consultations

Complete from start to finish, we cater to you until we get the job done with answering your questions. Phone Consultations are scheduled and/or billed per 35 min sessions. Before you schedule a phone consultation, have your questions and concerns readily available. Don't be left out in the cold when you get to the dealership, without the help you need. And, don't expect them to tell you what you don't know! Because keeping you off balance, and in the dark "without" vital information, is EXACTLY how they make huge profits on you! With our EXPERTS, you're not going to make a mistake, unless you don't allow us to help you! We love helping you so much, it actually relaxes us when we're done! Non-Refundable purchase, due to time alotted, and time spent on caller's inquiry. This is considered consulting services, and to ensure the quality of service, and for training purposes, all calls may be monitored and/or recorded. Thank you!
Phone Consultations
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