Car Buying Conceigre Service

A totally great service for those who value their time. Don't spend valuable time behind a computer, trying to figure out the dealerships, and what they're offering you, or not! Ever notice how some Great Deals advertized never applies to you, once you get there? We'll do all the work for you, helping you to locate your vehicle, and buyer for your trade. And, we'll even help your buyer to find the financing dollars to purchase your car! Now that's service. We'll provide the leads and the information you need. Stay at work, home or leisure, A great gift if you have a person in college or just too far away for you to give assistance too. Let Car Buyer's Etcetera help you, and get the car you want and need. Transferable to another party, but non-refundable. New owner of transfer must pay a 10% transfer fee and admin fee! Non-refundable service.
We'll put the Keys in Your Pocket for the Vehicle you want!'"=
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Price $169.00