"Pampered Women Package"

Our top 2 packages at your disposal, including our "Concierge Package, Our Consulting for a Day Package". We shop for you while you stay at work, leisure, and play time with the family. We can even help you find suitable financing, and will accompany you at the dealership when it's time to purchase. Sound advice that won't steer you in the wrong direction, and will allow you to leave the dearlership with peace of mind and not feeling like you've been taken advantage of in the process. A service designed just for you. When we complete our services to you, we pamper you with everything from 2 nail appointments and/or spa treatments; dinner for 2, or just a hair appointment at your favorite salon or restaurant. A $125.00 value. Now, when purchasing this service, a donation of $25.00 (in your name) will be made to the American Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation... It will reflect on your reciept in Special Instructions. You'll also recieve a Pendant, commemorating your support! This package, is a non-refundable item/package. Thank you!
Pampered Women Packages are available, and are non- refundable after the sale! Packages are transferable to other persons, with a 10% transfer & admin fee paid by new owner of package!
  • Item #: Nu-SP1307
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Price $425.00