Executive Package

Our Consulting Package at it's best. And to top it off, we'll come to you, helping you before you visit a dealership or dealer. Take advantage of our 16 yars of expertise, and avoid possiblly being taken advantage of in the car buying process. Learn before you go out and shop, and buy more confidently. And... if any Salesman, at any dealership nationwide, tells you, "You don't need Car Buyer's Etcetera helping you!" Ask yourself; "when was the last time any Salesman showed you How to Save $$$.$$, on a car, he's selling you? Never!!! And... they Never Will! So, "Stop feeling like the world is on your shoulders when trying to buy a car, let us help". Dealerships structure your deal, so they can win, we work for you, helping you to win at the dealerhips Note: All Packages, (including this one) is transferable to another party with 3 business days, with a 10% transfer fee of the selling price of the package, and paid Admin fee paid by the new Owner of Package. This Executive Package is a non-refundable item.
"Tired of Feeling like the World is on your Shoulders when you go to buy a Car?" I got the Car Buyers' Etcetera Advantage!
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